August 28, 2008

Mainstream Mobile Learning is Right Now, not Tomorrow.

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Many business owners still approach the internet and technology as a “Thing Of The Future”…

And why not? Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that we can barely keep up. First we needed to launch a website, and now the internet is going mobile, bypassing the comfort of our own homes and landing in public places like public transportation, restaurants and even the classroom. Did you know:

A business website and online profile is no longer a luxury. Consider that the fastest growing deomgraphic online are Seniors, and many of our youth have grown up not knowing life without the internet, and you will understand that Bill Gates was right when he stated that someday “There will be two types of business, those that are online and those that are out of business”.

Top business skills you will require for online success are:

  1. Copywriting – developing regular online promotions and updated content is crucial for the long term success of your business online.
  2. Researching – We do live in the information age, and if you don’t have the proper research skills you risk your customers knowing more about your product and service than you do. With this skill, what prevents your customers from purchasing from your competition.
  3. Communication – In no other time in the history of the world have we been so connected on a global basis. You must be able to communicate in such that a customers knows, likes, trust you and knows that you can deliver results.
  4. Advanced Technology – There are constantly developing new ways to connect. Take for example, sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In. These sites have already been established online, but are moving towards becoming mobile. Keep ahead of the trends.

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