August 27, 2008

Success comes from more than knowing what your audience wants…

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I am an avid information junkie.

More importantly, I am an student of my customers. Today I read a very good article from Lesley Spencer Pyle of on the importance of knowing what your audience wants. (check it out here).

In this article, Lesley talks about the importance of gathering feedback from you customerson your product in order to stay ahead of the competition. It is a fantastic article and I highly recommend it.

Knowledge of your customers is the most essential skill you can develop in running your business. In order to maximize your results, you must learn not only what they like/dislike about your product, but more importantly, why.

In order to motivate your customers to take action today, you must not only know how to speak their language… you must also know:

  • What in their life has influenced them to act
  • Who they look up to for advice in a matter
  • What their biggest desires, goals, problems, and fears are
  • What are all the things that would keep them from taking action
  • What are all the things they need to believe in order to buy
  • And what emotional fix they will get through making the purchase.

This information and so much more will be covered in greater detail in the 30 Day Biz Freedom Blueprint program that is FREE for you to attend starting September 1st. Register here


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