August 26, 2008

As the Internet sights the destruction of yet another industry, will you be on the cutting edge?

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August 25th, Business Week reported on the launch of the new Kindle (see the article here).

You may or may note be aware that close to 30% of all books being sold right now are online, and with the rapid introduction of portable digital reading device like the Kindle and the new Sony Reader, it seems that the book industry is going the way of the Music Store and the Encyclopedia. (By the way, the only music store I currently have in town goes by the name of Walmart).

Now many believe this to be a bad sign, but consider the ever expanding market for online content and the ability to self-publish and sell your own books through industry giant Amazon. As well as the Kindle’s ability for your blog to be automatically downloaded to your customers devices and instead of a downturn, you are looking at a major opportunity to reach your customers in a unique and powerful way.

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